Start your family with best living places

Start your family with best living places

Being family oriented is the most beautiful trait a person can possess. To live peacefully with family is the first priority of most of the people. The real problem occurs when you start hunting for such places. luxury apartments in Holland MI are not only luxurious but so comfortable that you will feel yourself on cloud nine after entering in these apartments. You will be impressed by the look and feel of these apartments. Not only will this, but the caliber of superior luxuries you will leave you spellbound.
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Zeeland school board approves bids for auditorium renovations

The auditoriums at Cityside Middle School and Zeeland East High school are getting a makeover.

The Zeeland Board of Education approved bids totaling $544,172 for auditorium updates at its Monday, Feb. 20 meeting.

The bids break down into $315,392 auditorium updates with Star Electric, Parkway and Structural standards for auditorium updates, $167,460 for audio and visual upgrades with Parkway and $61,320 for house lights at Cityside’s auditorium with Star Electric. The auditorium updates at Zeeland East include the addition of two lobbies.

The project is being paid for out of the $53.5 million bond approved by voters in 2015. Bids came in higher than expected.

“Costs for these projects were estimated before the February 2015 voter approved bond referendum,” Zeeland superintendent Cal DeKuiper said. “Our needs have changed slightly since then and we did estimate too low in general.

However, all other construction bids have come in under budget. Finance director Lynn VanKampen also said in a memo that they can cut costs in the auditorium project.

Zeeland East’s auditorium work is scheduled to begin in April, coinciding with other work at Zeeland East that includes changing the location of the front office area to make the entrance more secure, and turning the current office area into a learning lab. The work at Zeeland East is expected to be completed in August.

The Cityside work is slated to begin in June 2018, and will be completed by August 2018.

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Holland schools win theatre championships

The city of Holland took over the 2017 Michigan Interscholastic Forensics Association (MIFA) State Competitive Theatre Championship at the Stage Theatre Festival at Charlotte Performing Arts Center, on February 18, 2017.

The city of Holland took over the 2017 Michigan Interscholastic Forensics Association State Competitive Theatre Championship this past weekend.

The event took place at the Stage Theatre Festival at the Charlotte Performing Arts Center, on Saturday, Feb. 18.

The Holland High School Theater Department was awarded two state championships in Division 1 at the festival and took home a third award for backstage management.

In Division 2, Holland Christian High School was awarded first place in the Main Stage division for its production of “Lend Me a Tenor.” Holland Christian High School was also awarded the People’s Choice award, which is voted on by the peers for their favorite performance.

HHS’s first award was the Main Stage division, which they have now won 19 times. Its production of “Triumph of Love” was awarded 285 points, making it the Division 1 state champion and the highest-scored show of the main stage event among all shows in all divisions.

The team was also named the Division 1 champion in the Studio Theatre State Competition for their production of “Agnes of God.” Holland High School is the only school to ever win both events in the same year.

Holland High Theater was also given the Golden Truck Award, which director Kevin Schneider said goes to the Division 1 school that best exemplifies professionalism and efficiency in its back-stage work, including load in, load out and backstage costume changes, technical set up and running of a show.

“We always talk about ways to get students to push themselves and to reach higher, these kids do it every day,” Schneider said. “Taking things apart, performance and technical aspects, making them better, problem solving when we are on the road in new spaces and new evaluators, explaining their choices and learning from feedback and all of this theatre competition. These kids are pretty amazing.”

The award continues the success of Schneider who has now won 20 state championships in his 30 years at the school.

Schneider said the students have been training for these performances since they returned from Christmas break and they had three weeks of rehearsals before the show opened.

The path to the championship for both schools started at the district level and then went to the regional level. After winning, the schools then had the chance to perform at the state level.

The HHS competitive theatre students will now be performing their two plays on Tuesday, Feb. 21 at 7:00 p.m. at the Holland High School Performing Arts Center. Tickets for these encore performances can be purchased at

Holland Christian High School will also be performing their play on Tuesday, Feb. 21 at 7:00 p.m. at Holland Christian High School and tickets can be purchased at

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Find the Right Apartment for Rent in Holland MI

Find the Right Apartment for Rent in Holland MI

When it is time to find the perfect apartment for you please consider our company. Consider our company because we will help you find the apartment that you have always wanted. We know how difficult it can be to find the perfect apartment but we have the experience that it takes to find that perfect place. Finding the right apartment in the city can be difficult because so many people are looking for the same thing and if you are fast enough someone else will be living in your dream apartment and not you.

Most people do not know how to find the perfect apartment and that is why companies like us are in business because we help people like you get what you truly want. Many people take the traditional route looking for an apartment but a problem with that is that everyone else is also taking that same approach. That approach puts you into direct competition with other would be renters. The truth of the matters that you want to be in front of them, not next to them, not knocking on to a leasing agent store at the same time and not behind them.

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So do not waste anymore time not getting what you want. Get what you want it’s it’s easy as contacting our company and having us locate the perfect apartment for you so that you can get there before anyone else. So that you have first look at it until you have the first ability to rent it. The more you wait around the more likely that your perfect apartment will be rented by someone else. This is not an area where you want to wait around but one where you need to make a decision that will put you in the best position to get your perfect apartment.

Get your customized apartment

Get your customized apartment

The most flourishing business in this world is that of residential places. People like to rent apartments. Renting an apartment is far easier than buying a house. Why to rent an apartment? It is difficult for people to buy apartments these days as the prices of raw materials are touching the sky. Even if two persons in a family are earning handsome amount every month, it is still impossible for them to save as much money as is required to get a house of their own built. People prefer renting as they can get places that are customized according to their preferences. Couples can easily move into bigger apartments when they get kids and need more space to live. Luxury apartments in Holland, MI come in handy in such situations. Luxury blended with comfort: These apartments offer you luxury as well as comfort.

You can choose the size of your apartment as well as the number of rooms according to your preferences. Luxury apartments in Holland, MI suite your lifestyle as they come with options of 1, 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms. These apartments include bathrooms as well as kitchens. Rooms: The room is fully furnished so when you pay the cost of the apartment it automatically covers the cost of all the furniture and electrical appliances provided to you. You so not need to think about how to decorate your rooms and coordinate the colors of the walls. They do all of that for you. Continue reading →

Your hunt for a dream house ends with Luxury Holland apartments

Your hunt for a dream house ends with Luxury Holland apartments


In case you’re looking for an inexpensive lifestyle, you can discover the luxury apartments in Holland, MI as your perfect choice. These apartments cater all your needs and so not act as a burden on your pocket. The interiors of these apartments are just as amazing as the interiors. The facilities provided along with these apartments will leave you mesmerized.

Detailed designs:

The apartments have got a beautiful fireplace and custom cabinets. There are minor details in the kitchen as well as hallway to make this place superior to others. The main difference between luxury apartments in Holland and other apartments is that these apartments are designed by keeping in mind your requirements and demands. Once you enter these apartments you will feel that all your wants are covered. You will get to see the beautiful views from the large windows. Continue reading →

Luxury apartments for a peaceful living

Luxury apartments for a peaceful living

Today is a world of rush. People rarely get time to get their wishes fulfilled. The biggest wish a man can ever have is having his own house. A place where he can reside independently or if he is a man with an astronomically immense. If he is a man with a big family, he wants a place where his wife and kids get to live happily. Everyone wants to lead a happy, independent, comfortable, peaceful and above all, a luxurious place to live in. That is what luxury apartments in Holland MI provide.

The best thing about these apartments is that they are cozy as well as spacious. The wide range of these customized apartments will let you decide from the variety that includes lots of options. You will be able to choose apartment of your own preference. These apartments are made specially keeping in mind exclusively your demands Continue reading →